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Q. What's ameneties does the Accommodation have? What's included?
A. Linens, towels, hairdryer,  several toiletries. If there is a kitchinette, it has dishes, eating utensils, pots and pans.  Cable TV, free wifi and more.

Q. We are coming for a stag party.  Are the B&B's listed on the site right for us?
A. AHHHH that depends! If you are respectful of your surroundings, neighbors and can keep the noise down after 23:00 then yes. If you want a party place where you can make noise and go wild, then no.  Your on-site host will not tolerate any loud or disrespectful behavior at there poperty!!  A maximum of 4 persons can stay at a property AND ABSOLUTELY NO VISTORS ALLOWED!!!

Q. Is there a lift (elevator)?
A. No,
  just the crazy stairs.

Q. How are the stairs?  Will someone carry my luggage to my room?
A. They are typical dutch stairs. It's not so scary, just takes some getting used to. Hold onto the hand rails and you'll be just fine. Please keep in mind that huge luggage might be difficult to haul up the stairs (as there is no one that can carry your bags up).   You are responsible for your luggage.

Q. Do the rooms get cleaned daily?
A. No. If your stay is longer than 7 days, your linens, towels will be changed
 and the room cleaned mid-stay.  They will clean around your items.


Q. What is expected at check out? Do I have to clean up after myself?
A. Yes, you need to leave the apartment in the condition it was given to you. All dishes must be washed and put away and all garbage collected.


Q. We don't want to clean up after our stay, can we still stay here?
A. Sure depending on what kind of mess you are planning on making. If you leave the apartment excessively dirty, you will have money taken out of your security deposit. Everything can be worked out in advance,
 no worries.

Q. Can we smoke in the rooms?
A. Yes. Cigarettes (open the window), hash and weed.

Q. Is it legal to smoke on the streets?
A. Pretty much not a problem because the police do not enforce that law but be respectful of small children and people who do not like smoke!

Q. I am a non-smoker. Are there non-smoking apartments available?
A. No,
 all apartments are smoker-friendly. If you are sensitive to smoke, we would suggest booking at a non-smoking establishment. If someone is smoking in the building, it will travel throughout.

Q. Is it noisy? Can I get a quiet apartment?
A. It all depends on what's going on in the city. People come and go throughout the night. While there is a no-noise policy after 23:00, you can still hear people moving around. Also, you are in the center of the city, so there will be residual noise from the street. The city center always has some sort of construction going on, so be advised.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. No, cash only (the refundable deposit is also due in cash form).

Q. Do you accept foreign currency?
A. No, Euros only.


Q. Do you accept PayPal?
A. Yes, PayPal transfers must be sent to info@damcity.com and incur a 5% fee over the amount transferred.


Q. My flight leaves in the evening, where can I leave my luggage after check out?
A. There are some cases that you can leave your items in the host's apartment
 and pick them up later, but this is not guaranteed. There are luggage storage (lockers) at Amsterdam Central Station.

Q. Do I have to call you when I arrive in Amsterdam? Can I just show up?
A. Yes, you do need to call your on-site host 30 minutes before you arrive to arrange the check-in.  For your convenience
 (and theirs) a call ahead will ensure your speedy check in.

Q. Where is affordable parking?
A. The cheapest parking in the center is 20 euro per day: www.parkingcentrumoosterdok.nl 

Other parking information is at www.amsterdam.info/parking

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